Kargil Vijay Diwas - Salute To Our Soldiers

Kargil Vijay Diwas

The Kargil Vijay Diwas has been named after Operation Vijay, and every year it is celebrated on 26th July in India. During 1999, India took hold of outposts that they lost to Pakistan. The Kargil longed for more than 60 days, and it ended on the above-said date. However, it resulted in a huge loss on both parties involved in the war. But as a positive impact of the war, India was able to get back its lost control on the territory. This year also, the day will be celebrated to commemorate the contribution of the legend war’s heroes. The day is celebrated in a grand way in New Delhi and in KargilDras sector.

In New Delhi arrangements are made where the Prime Minister pays tribute to soldiers in India Gate. Besides, functions are also organized to pay homage to the great contribution of the armed forces in the war.

20th anniversary of Kargil War

India has celebrated the 20th anniversary of Kargil War on 26th July.  Dating back to 1999, on this day, Indian armed forces have won the massive war against Pakistani troops. So, in the name of this way, several armed forces have lost their lives to re-capture posts that have been taken over by the Pakistani Army.

Being the 20th-anniversary celebration, the victory celebrations started from 14th of July that would go through 11 towns, including cities and finally it would be taken to Dras.  Several plans have been organized for the day, including expeditions by different units. In addition, however, the events will last for 12 days in Leh. Even school children are encouraged for drawing competitions to draw on thematic topics pertaining to the war.

Digging deep into the history of Operation Vijay

During 1998-1999, Pakistan Armed forces were being trained and infiltrating Pakistani troops and the forces to fight against Indian side of the Line of Control of LoC.The infiltration was named ‘Operation Badr’ with the primary concern of creating a link between Ladhak and Pakistan. This, in turn, would compel Indian forces to withdraw from Siachen Glaciers. However, as a result of this, the Indian armed forces will be forced to opt for a settlement due to the rising Kashmir dispute.

It is important to mention that the war between the two countries began after both signed for the Lahore Declaration in February 1999. In this, both countries were on the same page to resolve Kashmir issue peacefully. As the Pakistan troops start to intrude into the Indian side, Indian Armed forces, on the other hand, started to respond to Operation Vijay. In this regard, the main aim of Pakistan was to spend most of its soldiers in different posts during winters as Indians vacated the posts at that time.

Summing it up

The main objective of the 20th year’s celebration is to evoke patriotism and nationalism through different campaigns among the youth of India. Therefore, the events are arranged in such a way to highlight the great contribution of our brave soldiers.

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parveen shaikh
July 29th 2019 AT 06:52 PM

They crushed our enemies and our sorrow, They gave up their today for our tomorrow.

Sonu Yadav
July 30th 2019 AT 11:15 AM

we are proud of our soldiers

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Kargil Vijay Diwas - Salute To Our Soldiers
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The Kargil Vijay Diwas has been named after Operation Vijay, and every year it is celebrated on.

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