Independence Day


Considered as one of the most historic days in Indian history, the 15th August 1947 has
been an indispensable part since the bygone era. It is majorly recognized as a day marking
the liberation of this country from the British rule. Experiencing a massive struggle that
continued for a bundle of years while working as slaves under the Britishers, India has
already come a long way.
To celebrate such happiness, Independence Day has been named as the national festival by
the Government of India. Thousands of freedom fighters some of them being very famous
while others still being unknown contributed to the Independence Day. It is solely because
of their courage, bravery, and valour that our country is in such a fine situation presently
free from any kind of rule.

Independence Day: How it all started?

The British have ruled over India for almost two centuries and till this time, we had to do
what the rulers would ask for. Such oppressors made the citizens of our country suffer
plenty of bad times. Until the time we got to know the real art behind managing their
tantrums, we went through a lot of negativity.

Our leaders with some of them being the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash
Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, and thousand others
stood for our country and bore the physical and mental discomforts. Some of them followed
the path of non-violence while others looked upon violence as a solution. However, their
aim has always been the same- get rid of the Britishers. It was ultimately on 15th August
1947 when the Britishers raised their hands and left India.

It's always celebrated with utmost fervour!

Whether it is at a historical monument like Red Fort, or home, workplace and a school,
every person celebrates Independence Day. Illustrating the spirit of freedom, every year the
Prime Minister hoists the Indian National Flag at the Red Fort and for honouring it, 21-
gunshots are fired followed by an engrossing Army parade. It's an off for the whole country
and thus, you might witness some small and big events at various locations near your
residence too. Apart from that, the schools, offices, and colleges celebrate it a day before by
organizing quizzes, cultural events, etc. Also, people fly kites the whole day to show their

Independence Day and the reason for its celebration:

Independence Day is annually celebrated to enjoy the freedom and the chance to breathe
that our country attained during 15th August 1947. Not only this, but it is also held for
remembering the unforgettable sacrifices made by our national leaders for making the
present a brighter one and the days of the future generations the shiniest one. Such
freedom is hard-earned and no one can ever let the sacrifices of the leaders go waste.
Waking up the feeling of patriotism inside us, this festival has always been able to hold a
special place in every single person's heart.

Let’s talk about the old days

Our country India, got independent on 15th August 1947, before this, we were slaves of the
European government. Vasco de Gama discovered the sea route to India in 1498, and through
this, the European people started coming to India and started commencing their business.
India before the European rule was known to be a golden bird. India used to be the richest
country before their slavery. As they started coming to India, they started trading with the people
of India and started earning money here only. As they came here, they started calling their
friends and relatives too, as they know they were about to rule the country.

The British East Indian company was becoming a huge force of the country. They defeated the
rulers of Bengal in the year 1764 and from the 17th century to 1947, they ruled our country for
almost 200 years. They troubled our countrymen and made them their slaves.
They make them work for their companies. They use to beat our countrymen in our country
before our people, which was an act which was a shame. We bear them for more than 100 years
and then started fighting for our Independence. The first revolt started in 1857 in which we failed
and then kept fighting for our Independence till 1947.

Finally, we got our Independence on 15th August 1947. We were ruled for almost 200 years.
Many freedom fighters took place in many of the wars and were martyred, but on 15th August
1947, all their efforts got success, and our country was free.

As our country got freedom in 1947, our constitution was in making and was formed on 26th
January 1951. From that day till now we have to celebrate 15th August as our Independence day.

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